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Nisshinbo sheet metal-working machines have a hard-earned reputation as well-engineered, easy-to-use machines, and without peers for dependability. However, four years ago they pulled out of the European market …..happily they're back !!……..and with RPA Ltd..

At the time Nisshinbo had set up a joint manufacturing and development project with Yawei Machine Tools of China, based in the beautiful 'Waterway City' of Jiangsu. Yawei recently celebrated it's 50th Anniversary of machine tool production, fast expanding they currently operate out of some 300,000 square metres of modern production works. They design and produce the whole gambit of sheet-metal-working machines:- Punch Presses, Press Brakes, Guillotines, Material handling, Coil Line Processing, Slitting lines et al.

Nisshinbo Japan installed an on-site department from where its engineers oversee the production, development and quality control of the punch presses. The machines follow the Nisshinbo tradition of being almost over-engineered, and benefit from a whole raft of well-proven and classy European and Japanese assemblies …..Nisshinbo supply all the turrets and beam assemblies; Voith the hydraulics; CNC control, drives and motors come from Siemens; whilst the linear ways and ground ball-screws come from THK and Raco….and more !

It was RPA , five years ago, who formally took up the mantle of support for Nisshinbo punching machines, press brakes and shears in The United Kingdom, Ireland and The Middle East, and it is we who recently received certification as agents for the Sales and Support for the Yawei-Nisshinbo machines in The UK and The Republic of Ireland.

RPA's initial launch will concentrate on the HPI and HPH range of punching machines, all Bridge-framed 30-ton, hydraulically powered with axis ranges of 1250 x 1250mm to 1500 x 2500mm. Competitively priced and yet all these machines carry even higher specifications than the earlier Nisshinbo's, including powered clamps, powered tool hoists, brush tables, lowered die mounts for easy changing, a multiplicity of auto-index stations and twin-track turret layouts.
The Nisshinbo sourced auto-index system on every machine has the unique 'Constant-Touch' high-precision worm gear drive immersed in sealed oil baths so ensuring that the long-term accuracy of the high-precision worm gear system is guaranteed. Considered vastly superior to older-style grease lubrication. Lubrication figures in the tooling care programme too, ram head and tools being fed with a mixture of high pressure air and lubricating oil, whilst elsewhere in the machine all major components are also quietly being lubricated, automatically. New innovations include the patented




 'POWER-MIZER' , an Hydraulic Servo Ram with full positional feed back. The programmable ram speed allows for an optimum and low impact force, so prolonging tool life, reducing noise, and minimising energy consumption. The POWER MIZER also enables the ram's BDC (Bottom Dead Centre) to be programmed in 1/1000mm increments and to be locked at absolute BDC, a boon for complex forming operations.

POWER MIZER, when coupled with the programmable clamps and their 'EASY-SWITCH' grips also enables a more wholesome utilisation of the versatile Wilson® vertical wheel slitting and rolling technology.

Illustrated: Nisshinbo HPI-3048- L40A2 : 40 stations, Auto Index, 30 ton, 1250 x 2500mm, 1000 hpm

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