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RPA-Multiform Ltd
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Rochford, Essex

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In customer service, as in everything we do, RPA  aims high.

The three critical facets; Spares holding, Tooling supply,  and Machine service are near and dear to your heart. To us,  they are our life blood.

We nigh on guarantee to have same-day-shipment of your tooling and next-day delivery of your spares. With  experienced CNC machine tool engineers stationed  strategically throughout the UK we can always have
one attending your machine breakdown on the very  next day.

Service contracts; we tailor to suit your budget and phase in with your productions scheduling. And of course with such contracts you plan your stoppages rather that  have a machine breakdown dictate them.

The facilities and skills we have available mean that we can deal with all your machine upgrades and retro-fits on-site, and take on whatever application/operator training your own people require...whenever and wheresoever you choose.

Call'll probably qualify for an initial  free machine inspection

Replacement parts - huge stockholding

Tooling - next day delivery

Spres - same day shipment

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